On the afternoon of September 17, 2011, “history was made,” as 55 brothers from lodges across the first Masonic District assembled in Nottingham, NH to perform the first “outdoor (or farm degree).”  The E.A. degree was conducted in a lodge that was as unique as the “formal farm attire” and officers jewels worn that day.  The degree was followed by a  “chicken n’ ribs” BBQ.

The "Lodge"!

Entrance to the lodge and the Senior Warden's "seat" in the West

Brothers await the opening of the lodge meeting.

From his seat (a.k.a. John Deere) in the east, the WM calls the lodge to order

The altar at the lodge's center

The Junior Warden and Stewards in the South

The Marshal (right) accompanies the Chaplain to the altar

The Senior Deacon with his "rod of office"!

The Junior Deacon (left) addresses the Tyler at the lodge "door"

A couple of "eavesdroppers" who got by the Tyler!!

St. Johns Lodge No 1's own "Gib" Palmer in the Senior Warden's seat

Brothers seated on the South side of the Lodge

Brothers sitting in the North

After the closing of the lodge...off to the BBQ!