thrown down the gauntletBrothers, Our sister Lodge, St. Andrews, has issued  a challenge which we, the brothers of St. John’s accepted at our February stated communication: and that is to see which lodge can “grow”  the most in donations to give to the H.U.G.S. Foundation (Help Us Give Smiles).  The H.U.G.S. Foundation supports surgical teams who travel the world to perform reconstructive surgery on  children with severe congenital facial deformities such as microtia, cleft lips, and cleft palates.    Wor. Rod MacDonald has “planted” $50 from which to start  to “grow” our donation.  The challenge goes from now until April 30th………..Be aware, the “honor” of St. John’s is at stake!  for the Lodge that comes in second, must provide and serve a BBQ this Summer to the Lodge that comes it first.  We the brothers of St. John need to rise to the challenge because I am sure all of us want to be saying “hey, those were really good ribs!” rather than ” would you like fries on the side?”