!cid_8445668F-8BD9-4CB4-B406-9C8783F87B21On Monday July 11, Brother Matthew Jacob Long of St. Johns Lodge No 90, London, U.K. and son of St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 56 Past Master Terry Long,  attended St. Andrew’s  July Stated Communication.  St. John’s Lodge N0. 1 Master, R.W. Rod MacDonald was invited by St. Andrews Master Wor. Dales Mills to present Jacob with several gifts including commemorative coins from St. John’s No.1 250th and 275th anniversaries and a 275th lapel pin and plate.  The question of the evening was, which of the two St. John’s lodges was older……this was quickly answered when R.W. MacDonald noted St. John’s No.1 was founded 1736, brother Long informed those in attendance his lodge was founded [warranted]  in 1763.  [ Pictured L to R: R.W. Rod MacDonald, Br. Matthew Jacob Long, and Wor. Dales Mills.]