One of St. John’s Lodge Past Masters, Rod MacDonald, has issued a challenge to the individual brothers and lodges in the N.H. seacoast area,  If they can raise at least $1,000 for the Scottish Rite’s Seacoast Learning Center in Rochester, N. H. he will have his shoulder length hair cut to army boot camp regulation standards!  Three conditions have been placed on the challenge:  (1) A Donation to this challenge can not take the place of a regular contribution a lodge or individual would normally make to the Learning Center (such as sponsoring a hole at its annual golf tournament);  (2) the “cut” will be done by a licensed barber ; and (3) At least one brother (possibly two) who were former Army drill instructors will be present to “certify” that the cut satisfies Army boot camp regulations.   Rumor has it several lodges are going to sponsor this as an “event” for brothers to come watch!  Stay tuned for details for this will probably happen fairly soon whereas several sizable donations have already been made.

Donations by check only made out to Scottish Rite Seacoast Learning Center.  Checks may be given or sent to Rod MacDonald, Secretary Seacoast Learning Center Board of Governor’s, PO Box 33, New Castle, N.H. 03854 -0033.  To keep everything “honest” and on the “up-and-up,” no check will be cashed until the “cut” has actually happened!