In about as much time as it took Brother Rod MacDonald to issue his $1,000 dollar haircut challenge, $1,500 was raised to answer his challenge!  So he must now go through with his pledge to have his shoulder-length hair cut to acceptable army bootcamp standards.  “The cutting” will be open for all brothers to witness on the evening of Wednesday, August, 9th in the Portsmouth Masonic Temple’s auditorium following the St. John’s/St. Andrews Veteran’s Night Program.  Refreshments for “the event”  are being sponsored by the Scottish Rite Valley of Portsmouth Dover.    Although the $1,000 goal was raised and exceeded further donations are welcomed with all monies going to the Scottish Rite’s Seacoast Learning Center, for dyslexia,  in Rochester, NH.  Have some fun, join us, and watch the follicles fall!