Brethren, As you know we would normally be recruiting volunteers from our “ranks” to help with William Pitt Tavern Masonic Museum’s participation in Strawbery Banke’s annual Christmas Season Candlelight Stroll. Unfortunately the Corvid-19 pandemic has forced the Banke to scale back its annual celebration and have the museum open to ground tours only. These tours will lat for an hour, with small groups departing the gate area onto museum grounds every 30 minutes. Since our Masonic involvement with Candlelight Stroll is primarily to staff the W.P. Tavern Masonic Museum with volunteers to “meet and greet” the public, we will not be seeking Volunteers for 2020 whereas the building will remain closed while the outside tours go on. I want to thank those who have already come forward and expressed a desire to serve as volunteer and I ask you keep the Museum in mind for next year.

Rod MacDonald, Curator, William Pitt Tavern Masonic Museum