Brethren as you probably already know, March definitely came in like a lion Monday night thru Tuesday. Winds were particularly bad here in the Seacoast area and a significant amount of tree and power equipment damage occurred especially in the Middle Street, Miller Ave area of Portsmouth. Despite this the Lodge has power, and heat so March’s Stated Communication will be going ahead as Scheduled. The best way to access our parking lot while clean-up and power restoration continue is to come in on Miller Ave from the South Street end. [At the time this notice was posted, internet services had not yet been restored to the Portsmouth Masonic Temple].

Picture taken late Wednesday morning (March 3rd 2021) from the front porch of the Portsmouth Masonic Temple (by SJMA Chair Howard Kalet) showing continuing efforts to restore power and remove debris in the Middle Street area.
The view on Middle Street looking toward Lafayette Road: At the far end of the photograph you can see one of the large Pines that came down in the wind storm pulling to the ground or breaking off a number of power and telephone poles as the trees fell.
Eversource/ Public Service crews set up on Middle Street in the very early morning hours of March 2 (2021) to start dealing with the extensive utility damage caused by the storm.