The September Master Mason’s class will be held on Wednesday, September 27th,  7:00 p.m., at Star In The East Lodge in Exeter.  The Topic will be “Planning for the New Year.”  Although it’s still summer…we are about to “roll” into September and before you know it…..your installation is about to happen.

If you are to be installed into the East this year (or anytime for that matter)

  • Who will you select to install you ?
  • What about the other officers, who will install them ?
  • What date and time, what about food, entertainment ?
  • Is there a program, what details will be listed, who will print ?
  • What are your plans for Masonic programs for the upcoming year, Veterans, Special Ladies, Table Lodge ?
  • What are your plans to have all involved, ladies, children, the public ?
  • How will you stay in touch, with your Lodge members, your officers, the Grand Lodge, your District Officers ?
  • What committees will you have, who will be on them, when will they meet, how will they report ?
  • What will you do if one of your Officers has to leave the line for a valid reason ?
  • Is your Lodge financially sound, how do you know ?
  • What will make your year special ?

The Master’s Class is designed for those who will, or might, work their way to the East but also contains important information for any MM. All are welcome to join the circle for an open and free discussion. This is not a class room setting with a lecture. It promises not to be boring !

Please Note: Due to the number of LOI’s taking place on Saturday’s during September, which is the day MM Classes are normally held, the September MM class has been moved to Wednesday* evening . *(this is a correction from the originally published Thursday September 28th date)