Don’t know if you have ever tried to get tickets for Strawbery Banke’s Annual Candle Light Stroll Dinner Nights at the William Pitt Tavern, but if you have tried you probably found out they are very difficult if not impossible to come by.  This year’s tickets (for Dec. 2018) were sold out almost immediately after being put on sale.  There are now no tickets available anywhere -HOWEVER- there is a special opportunity (arranged by the Valley of Portsmouth Dover- Scottish Rite  ) available for N.H. Masons and their families.  Please click on the “Holiday Dinner Announcement” below for details  . Note:  This opportunity is limited and the cut-off number as well as the need to make reservations is  absolute .  There will be no at-the-door ticket sales or admissions, so please act “fast” if you are interested.

Holiday Dinner Announcement