The class this month will be at Star in the East Lodge in Exeter.  As we prepare to end my time as Moderator, our subject will be a Smorgasbord of items.  I will bring my list of items to discuss, you bring yours and we will fill the time with items that need to be emphasized.  Right ?


The Masters Class is designed for those who will, or might, work their way to the East but also contains important information for any MM.   All are welcome to join the circle for an open and free discussion.  This is not a class room setting with a lecture. It promises to keep you awake !        We all learn from a discussion.

  • What is so important about the Trestle board ?  Do we really have to spend the time and money to communicate this way ?  Wouldn’t a calling list be better ?
  • I’ve been a Mason for some time now, why should I plan my year ?  Isn’t it better to take it as it comes ?  Since everything can’t be planned, why waste the time on much planning ?
  • Just why are the Special Ladies special ?  We give them a meal once a year, why do we have to provide anything else ?  What about their family, shouldn’t they take care of them ?
  • I know my Junior Deacon can not make many meetings based on his job but he’s a friend of mine, can’t I just appoint him and hopefully it will work out ?
  • Time is short during my year in the East, can’t we just skip the Veterans Program and spend the time on other important items ?
  • I’ve heard that Grand Lodge is hard to communicate with, should I just go ahead with the events without checking with them ?  The GM has a busy schedule, why bother him with our Lodge events ?
  • Why can’t we discuss the ballot ?  Even if the ballot has only one black cube, can’t we discuss why it was dropped ?
  • I’ve know the Lodge Master for many years, why should I address him as Worshipful Master while in the Lodge and not by his real name ?  Why do we have to be so formal in Lodge ?

And the questions go on.  The program is set in a round table format with comments from all.


Please join us for the Master’s Class in Exeter starting at 7pm with coffee and donuts.   The Lodge is two doors to the left of the IOKA Theatre in Downtown Exeter.  Parking is on the street or in a lot diagonally across from the Lodge.  Come on by, you won’t be disappointed.


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